Delias binniensis  Lachlan 2000 

Subspecies and range of Delias binniensis :

No subspecies

. binniensis - Mt. Binnie, Ok Tedi, Western Prov, P.N.G


delias-binniensis.png delias-binniensis-female.png


Notes on Delias binniensis :

A unique species which shows characteristics of both the cuningputi and aroae subgroups.

Original Description- Lachlan: (Australian Entomologist, 2000, 27 (3) pp77-79): "Male. Fore wing upperside deep citron yellow; narrow black costal margin, black distally from postmedian area to apex; black terminal border narrowest at tornus and curved slightly along inner margin basally; separation line between yellow area and black outer margin straight and angled towards tornus; yellow between veins 1A+2A and CuA² curved distally; black scales cover the two discocellular veins and veins M² and M³ in yellow area. Hind wing upperside almost entirely deep citron yellow; thin black terminal border at apex only; small black spots at terminal edge of veins CuA², CuA¹ and M³. Fore wing underside yellow just below discal cell to inner margin and tornus below vein CuA²; some yellow suffusion with black in distal area of discal cell near posterior edge of cell; black basally of discocellulars; transverse yellow band 2mm in width from just below costa to vein M² narrowing inwardly to vein M³ where it joins main yellow area; four small subapical spots and two very small faint terminal spots, all yellow. Hind wing underside basally dark brown tinged with yellow, strongly so at anal margin; narrow median crenulate band yellow-orange and white tending yellow-orange only at white anal veins; six thin yellow-orange submarginal spots similar to those of D. konokono Orr &Sibatani, except tornal spot rounder; broad marginal band yellow-brown; three distinct yellow-orange spots close together at wing base just below costa and inside discal cell. Termen slightly scalloped. Length of fore wing: 26mm. Abdomen above light yellow laterally; white beneath.

Female. Fore wing upperside deep citron yellow as in male; broad black costal border entering anterior third and distal end of discal cell; one flattened yellow costal spot above discocelulars; faint yellow patch below spot; two small subapical yellow spots; black distal margin slightly broader than in male. Hind wing upperside yellow as in male but with broader black terminal border, widest at apex; black border broken by yellow spots as and above tornal area. Fore wing underside as in male but with larger yellow area in distal part of discal cell. Hind wing underside as in male but median crenulate band slightly wider and whiter."