Legend & Acronyms

Rarity of each Delias species.

On each species page, you will find a coloured dot after the species name. This dot indicates the rarity in collection of the species.

black.png : extremely rare in collection, less than 10 specimens known to science

red.png : very rare in collection, less than 100 specimens known to science. 

yellow.png : rare in collection. Not so easy to find

green.png : common in collection

Please note than the "rarity in collection" and "rarity of the species" are two different concepts. A species can be rare in collection and not so rare in its locality. That's the case when a species lives in an area that is never studied (unreachable or very dangerous area) or a newly described species. 


extinct-delias.png : extinct species

3 Delias species are considered as extinct by most scientists. Their rediscovery would be a major event.
With a very strong deforestation in New Guinea and SE Asia, the list may increase in the future... 



Here is the list of the various acronyms used on this website.

AR : collection Andrew Rawlins, UK 
AY : collection Akira Yagishita, Japan
BMNH : British Museum, UK
BT : collection Bernard Turlin, France
CD : collection Chris Davenport, Scotland
CM : collection Chris Muller, Australia
DB : collection Danny Burk, USA
GG : collection Godfried Gerrits, Australia
JFL : collection Jean-François Labbé, France
KSP : Koleksi Serangga Papua, van Mastrigt collection, Papua
LW : collection Laurie Wills, New Zealand
MCLB : McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, USA
MNHM : Paris Museum, France
NG : collection Nicolas Grimaldi, Malaysia
NML : Leiden Museum, Holland
OP : collection Olivier Pequin, France
QM : Queensland Museum, Australia