Delias butterflies of Cambodia

Notes on Cambodian Delias butterflies :

The butterfly population of Cambodia has long been unknown. A recent survey published in 2012 by Monastyrskii, Yago and Odagiri enables us to present this first Delias checklist. Other species/subspecies may be discovered in further surveys.

Delias butterflies Cambodia

Thumbnail Species Specific Area                  
 acalis.gif D. acalis acalis  Mt Tumpor                  
agostina-annamitica.gif D. agostina annamitica  Mt Tumpor                   
vietnamensis.gif D. vietnamensis pequini  Mt Tumpor & Mt Khamaoch                  
pasithoe-beata.gif D. pasithoe nigrescens  Mt Tumpor                  
descombesi.gif D. descombesi descombesi  Mt Tumpor                  
hyparete-indica.gif D. hyparete indica