Delias inopinata  Lachlan 2000 red.png

Subspecies and range of Delias inopinata :

inopinata Lachlan 2000 - Ok Tedi: Tabubil, Western Prov. PNG

orri van Mastrigt 2003 -  Star Mountains, Papua



Notes on Delias inopinata :

A very recently described species, characterised by the extremely strong underside forewing markings.

Original Description - Lachlan (Australian Entomologist, 2000, 27 (3) p74) : "Male. Fore wing upperside white to just beyond end of discal cell, apical and marginal areas black tapering to 2mm at tornus; two faint subapical spots in half the specimens examined. Hind wing upperside white, partly translucent with underside pattern visible; a black border widest at apex, broken into spots towards the tornus, inner edge scalloped, the width of this border variable, 2-4mm at apex; faintly yellow along anal margin. Fore wing underside with broad black costal margin; discal cell nearly entirely black or black with small area at posterior edge towards end of cell diffused with cream scales; black scaling extends beneath cell at base; creamy-white patch lightly diffused  with black scaling, sometimes heavily but not as much as in D. endela Jordan; three subapical and three, or sometimes two, small marginal spots, the last spot often very faint, the second subapical spot usually longer and positioned basally of the first spot. Hind wing underside very dark brown with light yellow diffusion distal of median crenulate band and anal veins area; one humeral, three subbasal and six submarginal yellow spots; tornal spot often split into two small parallel spots; median yellow and cream crenulate band from costal margin to just below vein CuA², becoming broken yellow to dorsum near tornus, narrower than in D. aroae (Ribbe) and D. pheres Jordan, very narrow in part between veins R5 and M1; yellow and cream spike-like protrusions along the veins on the distal edge of crenulate band reduced in majority of specimens. Length of fore wing: 24-26mm, in two specimens 21mm.

Female. Unknown."