Delias of the Solomon Islands

Due to their remoteness, Solomon islands is hosting several very rare Delias species. Some species like Delias messalina are among the most beautiful Delias species too.

Bougainville island species, Natural History wise, have to be included here, as the species found there are related to those on the main Solomon Islands. However, politically, it is part of Papua New Guinea, and those species found there will be also found in the PNG page. 

Further exploration of the lesser known islands should bring interesting results.


alberti-alberti.gif     D. alberti alberti  Choiseul      

alberti-guava.png  D. alberti guava  Bougainville 

alberti-tetamba.gif   D. alberti tetamba  St. Isabel, Guadalcanal           

messalina.png D. messalina messalina  Bougainville  

messalina-orientalis.gif   D. messalina orientalis  St. Isabel, Guadalcanal      

schoenbergi-choiseuli.gifD. schoenbergi choiseuli  Choiseul        

schoenbergi-isabellae.gifD. schoenbergi isabellae  St. Isabel, Malaita

schoenbergi-schoenbergi.png  D. schoenbergi schoenbergi   Bougainville