Delias angabungana   Rothschild 1928 

Subspecies and range of Delias angabungana :

No subspecies

angabungana -  Angabunga River, PNG



Notes on Delias angabungana :

Similar to Delias hyperapproximata (I think it is a ssp of hyperapproximata).
Originally placed as a subspecies of D. pheres.

Original Description - Talbot (1928, Bulletin Hill Museum.2, pt.1.) "Male: Hind wing above with the marginal border a little broader than in the allied hyperapproximata Roths., especially the two posterior spots. Fore wing below with the submarginal spots a little larger. Hind wing below with submarginal spots in 4 and 5 larger, subbasal spot in 7 larger, base of costa, a spot at base of cell, and basal submedian stripe orange instead of yellow".

Female: No description available.