Delias dortheysi  van Mastrigt 2002 yellow.png

Subspecies and range of Delias dortheysi :

No subspecies

dortheysi - Star Mountains, Papua



Notes on Delias dortheysi :

A recently described species, which appears to be extremely closely related to Delias fascelis

Original Description: Mastrigt (Futao, No. 41, ISSN 0916-1112 - 22 June 2002)

Male: Proximal part of forewing upperside greyish-white; a broad black border with curved to hooked inner edge from costa (about 7mm. from base) to middle of inner margin, having no subapical or terminal spots. Hind wing upperside white, with some greyish suffusion at base becoming less close to black border, the inner edge of which narrows slightly at M2. anal border partly yellow. Underside of fore wing black, with a very small grey spot at costa outside cell and three yellow subapical spots, followed by one to three terminal spots. Second (sometimes) and third subapical spot and terminal spots connected with termen by a yellow line. Underside of hind wing black with some yellow suffusion; median white band from costa to apex, narrowing at M2 (but not interrupted), with yellow suffusion and colouration which increases towards tornus. Black border with undulate inner edge bears a subapical yellow spot followed by four thin yellow subterminal lines which are connected with the termen by (a) white or yellowish line(s). Termen slightly scalloped. Basal part with three small yellow spots and some concentrations of yellowish suffusion.

Female: Upperside of fore wing as for male, but inner part of cell filled with greyish-black suffusion, leaving a small creamy region along basal part of inner margin. three small creamy subapical spots. Upperside of hind wing creamy to yellowish and translucent; pattern of underside hind wing visible from above. Black border more curved from M2 to tornus than in male. On underside of fore wing black border more reduced than on upperside, having larger subapical and terminal spots than in the male. Small grey spot at costa outside cell. underside of hind wing as in male.