Delias butterflies of Laos

Notes on Delias butterflies from Laos

The butterfly population of Laos is now rather well known, thanks to the work of many specialists including Steeve Collard who helped us to fill this page. 


List of Laotian Delias butterflies :

Please find below all known Delias species from Laos. Click on them to discover their species page with live pictures, taxonomy and other information. 

Picture Species Specific location
acalispyramus_mv.gif D. acalis acalis  
agoranis_mv.jpg D. agoranis  
belladonnayukaae_mv.gif D. belladonna yukaae  
descombesidescombesi_mv.gif D. descombesi descombesi  
berindayedanula_mv.gif   D. berinda yedanula  
 agostinaagostina_fv.gif  D. agostina annamitica  
hypareteindica_mv.gif D. hyparete indica  
sanaca-perspicua.gif D. sanaca perspicua  
 patrua-ssp-nova-A.png D. patrua ssp.  Phu Samsoum
lativitta-yunnana.gif D. lativitta parva  
 pasithoethyra_mv.gif D. pasithoe thyra  

Please contact us if you see any missing species in this list of the Delias butterflies of Laos. 


Delias patrua ssp.
Phu Samsoum, Laos, May 2023
Picture by Steeve Collard