Delias angiensis  Talbot 1928 green.png

Subspecies and range of Delias angiensis :

No subspecies

. angiensis - Arfak mounts, Papua




Notes on Delias angiensis :

Once considered to be a subspecies of Delias aroae, this has now been given specific status. It would differ by having a greater amount of white on the cell of the underside forewing. I am not sure at all about the validity of the full species status for angiensis

Original Description: Talbot 1928 (Bulletin Hill Mus. 2. pt.1) Male: Not very different from the typical British New Guinea subspecies (D.aroae), with which it agrees on the upperside. Underside of fore wing with the submarginal dots below vein 4 less strongly marked. Hind wing with the cell-spot and submarginal spots smaller.

Female: Similar to the male. Hind wing below with discal band narrower than in the aroae female and not reaching the inner margin.