Delias hyparete - the Painted Jezebel
Linnaeus 1758 green.png

Delias hyparete Thailand Painted Jezebel
Delias hyparete metarete
31 XII 2014, Koh PhiPhi Don, Thailand
Picture by O. Pequin

Subspecies and range of Delias hyparete :

. hyparete Linnaeus 1758 - 

hierta Hübner 1818 -

luzonensis Felder 1862 -

mindanaensis Mitis 1893 -

haemorrhea Snellen van Vollenhoven 1865 -

indica Wallace 1867 - 

metarete Butler 1879 -

niasana Kheil 1884 -

ethire Doherty 1886 -

lucina Distant & Pryer 1887 - 

palawanica Staudinger 1889 - 

aurago Snellen 1890 - 

. hypopelia Hagen 1898 -

diva Fruhstorfer 1899 -

jakata Fruhstorfer 1906 - 

despoliata Fruhstorfer 1910 -

domorana Fruhstorfer 1911 -

isawae Nakano 1987 -

. itohi Nakano 1993 -

melville Yagishita 1993 -



As there are dozens of Delias hyparete subspecies, they will be added later once the website new version is finished.


Notes on Delias hyparete :

One of the best known and most diverse species of Delias. It has the largest distribution area and is common in most of its forms.
Although most forms have the red submarginal spots, though some, such as aurago and hypopelia have these replaced with yellow. The number of these spots also vary considerably. Also yellow forms of other subspecies have been found.


Delias hyparete caterpillar :

Delias hyparete caterpillars are gregarious and can be found on various host plants. When threatened by ants or other insects, they have the ability to throw themselves at the end of a silk thread. They move up the thread later once the threat has passed. This makes it possible to take "aerial" pictures of these caterpillars, as you can see below. 


Delias hyparete metarete caterpillar
Koh PhiPhi Don, Thailand, 28 XII 2014
Picture by O. Pequin