Delias butterflies of Thailand

This page has been amended to take into account the new book, Butterflies of Thailand, by Pisuth Ek-Amnuay.  In this book, he states the D. sanaca atsukoae is a synonym of D. berinda yedanula. He also increased the number of subspecies to be found in the country.

The fauna of Peninsular Thailand differs dramatically from that of the rest of the Country, and the reason for this lies in its geological history. There used to be a sea connection from the Gulf of Thailand to the Indian Ocean around the Isthmus of Kra, just north of Suratthani, and this kept the two fauna apart until about 20,000 years ago.

The area around Chiang Mai, and in particular Doi Inthanon is very rich in Delias.

Delias orphne has been photographed in 2014 by Wachara Sanguansombat in Hama Bala Wildlife Sanctuary (South), a great new addition for Thailand fauna. 

The border with Cambodia must be better studied, some species like Delias vietnamensis pequini and possible new Delias ssp. could be found there. 


Thumbnail Species Specific Area                  
acalis.gif D. acalis acalis North, Laos Border, Uncommon                  
acalis.gif D. acalis perakana Peninsular Thailand, Uncommon                  
acalis.gif D. acalis pyramus North, Burmese Border, Uncommon                  
agoranis.jpg D. agoranis North , Very rare                  
agostina.gif D. agostina agostina North, Uncommon                  
belladonna-hedybia.gif D. belladonna hedybia South-East, Common                  
belladonna-malayana.gif D. belladonna malayana Peninsular Thailand, Common                  
belladonna-endoi.gif D. belladonna yukaae Laos Border, Common                  
berinda-yedanula.gif D. berinda yedanula North, Uncommon                  
descombesi.gif D. descombesi descombesi Not Peninsular Thailand ,Common                  
descombesi.gif D. descombesi eranthos Peninsular Thailand, Uncommon                  
hyparete-indica.gif D. hyparete indica North, Common                  
hyparete-metarete.gif D. hyparete metarete Peninsular Thailand, Common                  
lativitta-yunnana.gif D. lativitta yunnana North, Rare                   
ninus-ninus.gif D. ninus ninus Malay Border, Rare                  
pasithoe-parthenope.gif D. pasithoe beata South, Uncommon                  
pasithoe-parthenope.gif D. pasithoe parthenope Peninsular Thailand, Uncommon                  
pasithoe-parthenope.gif D. pasithoe pasithoe North-West, Uncommon                  
pasithoe-parthenope.gif D. pasithoe siamensis North (Omkoi), East (Chantaburi), Rare                  
pasithoe-parthenope.gif D. pasithoe thyra North-East, Uncommon                  
patrua.gif D. patrua shan North, Rare                  
sanaca-perspicua.gif D. sanaca perspicua Myanmar/Laos Border, Uncommon                  
singhapura.gif D. singhapura singhapura Malay Border, Rare                  
orphne.gif D. orphne ssp. Malay Border, (Hala Bala Wildlife Sanctuary) Very rare


Could be present in Thailand : Delias vietnamensis pequini (in the mountains near the Cambodian border)


Delias pasithoe thailand

Delias pasithoe is one of these splendid Thai Delias. Discover all Thai Delias butterflies by clicking on their species name above.