Books about Delias butterflies

There are few useful books about Delias butterflies, here is the list of the Delias books I am using for my research. All of them are useful to understand Delias localities, subspecies and rare forms. 

Monographs about Delias butterflies :

There are 2 major monographies written about Delias.

Monograph of the genus Delias by Talbot

G. Talbot has produced a major work about the genus Delias between 1928 and 1937. His monograph is the Bible for all Delias lovers. 

Complete edition of Talbot Monograph of the genus Delias - coll. OP

This monograph has 656 pages about Delias with beautiful plates and very accurate descriptions. 

Published in 6 separate parts, it is extremely rare to find a complete edition which will command a very high price. It is easier to find each of the 6 parts separately and bind the books once complete.

I personally found my monograph parts on Abebooks (a great website for antique entomological books) : Abebooks Talbot Delias



An Illustrated List of the Genus Delias Hübner of the World by Yagishita, Nakano, Morita & Nishiyama


Another major work about Delias butterflies produced by Japanese entomologists. Wonderful plates and biotope pictures, a lot of interesting specimens (forms and aberrations) from Yagishita collection.

The book was until recently sold by Roppon-Ashi online bookshop but is now out-of-print. You can now find it on Abebooks from time to time here