Delias agoranis Grose-Smith 1887 black.png

Delias agoranis female
Doi Pha Hom Pok, Chiang Mai, Thailand 
11 November 2019
 Picture by Antonio Giudici

Subspecies and range of Delias agoranis :

No subspecies

. agoranis - Burma,N. Thailand, Laos


Notes on Delias agoranis

A very rare species in collection despite its large distribution, Delias agoranis is distinguished by the absence of black vein stripes on the underside hind wing.

Male: Upperside white. Fore wing with the costa broadly greyish-black and similar dusting beyond the end of the cell. Distal margin broadly black and narrowing posteriorly to the inner margin, not touching the margin below vein 2. a series of small white submarginal spots, those in 4-6 larger than the others. Hind wing with a series of black triangular marginal spots at the end of the veins, those on 2 and 3 much larger than the others.
Underside of fore wing with the white proximal half, but black costal border, cell dusted, and veins black. beyond the cell some narrow white stripes, and submarginal spots as above but larger. Hind wing pale lemon-yellow with a broad black marginal border bearing a sub-marginal row of six moderately large white spots, the anterior two tinged with yellow.

Female: Upperside of the fore wing brownish-black, with the cell and a streak between the veins dusky-white. Hind wing white with a brownish-black marginal border, and submarginal greyish-white inter-spaces.
Underside of fore wing with veins more broadly black than in the male. Hind wing as in the male.

The type specimen was taken by Col. C H E Anderson at Tounggya Sekkan, Middle Tenasserim in April 1880.

Delias agoranis (male)
Chang Phueak
Mueang Chiang Mai District
7 March 2019
Picture by "bugsalive"

Group singhapura species :