Delias hikarui Yagishita 1993 black.png

hybrid Delias fascelis x Delias hypomelas

Range of Delias hikarui :

hikarui : Ilu, Papua




Notes about Delias hikarui : 

In his review of Delias hypomelas group published in 2012 in Sugapa, Henk van Mastrigt wrote about Delias hikarui :

"The upperside of hikarui and the underside, except for the red markings, obviously resemble Delias rileyi. Considering that only one specimen is known (a female) and that over the years there has been intensive collecting of the lIu area where D. rileyi and D. argentata are both quite common, the author proposes to treat hikarui is a hybrid of D. rileyi and D. argentata"

Delias argentata is now known as a form of Delias hypomelas. 

So Delias hikarui is a splendid hybrid between Delias rileyi and Delias hypomelas