Delias lecerfi   Joicey & Talbot 1922 red.png

Subspecies and range of Delias lecerfi : 

No subspecies

lecerfi - Weyland Mtns, Papua



Notes on Delias lecerfi :

Very rare in collection !

The species was named after Ferdinand Le Cerf (1881-1945) and resembles Delias microsticha on the underside hind wing.

Original description : Joicey & Talbot - Bulletin Hill Museum, i, pt 2, p.307 (1922) - "Male: Upperside of fore wing with basal two-thirds white, the outer edge of this area curved inward to costa at vein 6 and oblique from 6 to submedian. Hind wing white with a thin marginal line. Fringes black.

Underside of fore wing with lower two-thirds of cell from base to apex white, this colour extending to a spot above vein 4 and sometimes reaching the costa as a streak, extending to vein 2, sometimes to 3, and to the inner margin. A series of four subapical spots, lemon-chrome, the larger at the costa. Ground-colour fuscous-black. A coral-red basal spot on the extreme basal edge of costa. One specimen has this spot lemon-chrome. Other spots lemon-chrome; one in 7 at the middle, one in cell below 6, one in 6 near the apex and a costal streak above it; postdiscal short strigae in 1c,2-4, sometimes faint, and a series of antemarginal dots on the folds. A thin pale grey marginal line.

Female: Upperside of fore wing with slightly larger distal black area. Hind wing with black apical margin about 2mm. wide and tapering to vein 5, below which the marginal line is thicker than in the male.

Underside as in the male."