Delias thompsoni  Joicey & Talbot 1916 black.png

Subspecies and range of Delias thompsoni :

No subspecies

. thompsoni - Wandammen Mtns, Papua


delias thompsoni


Notes on Delias thompsoni

Distinguished within the group by the two red subbasal spots on the hindwing verso. It is linked to this group by the yellow basal costal spot and white submarginal line, both on the hindwing verso.
The scent-scale, uncus and valve is also very similar to Delias hypomelas.

Almost unknown in collections, the only specimens I have seen have been in the British Museum,  being the first specimens found at around 6000 feet, collected in 1914 by the famous collectors, Pratt.

Some new research expeditions must be undertaken in the Wandammen Mounts, there must be several new species to be discovered in altitude there. 


Male: Upperside as in heroni, the black area on the fore wing broader on the inner margin. Hind wing with the marginal border below vein 4 more heavy than in heroni.  Underside black. Fore wing with inner margin white for the proximal two-thirds. Three small subapical spots brick-red, with traces of a thin white or reddish line between veins 5 and 3. Hind wing with a small yellow basal costal spot, a small brick-red subbasal spot in 6, and a similar spot below it in the cell. A well-marked white submarginal line broken at the veins and bearing in cellule 6 a brick-red spot which usually extends into 7. This may be a vestige of the red submarginal line which begins to appear in species group ix, and also occurs in xi and xii, but it indicates a more obvious relationship with D. hypomelas rubrostriata.

Female: Upperside with broad black areas as in heroni. Fore wing with more sharply defined edge of the white area; the white extends into cellule 3 and is less yellow-tinged than in heroni. Two short brick-red subapical streaks, the upper one the larger. Hind wing as in Delias heroni, the inner area tinged with yellow. Underside as in the male. Fore wing with more heavily marked subapical spots, and more distinct marginal line which almost reaches the submedian. Hind wing with a short white subcostal stripe above vein 7, and proximally of this the costa is sometimes edged with white as far as the red spot, further indications of affinity with hypomelas, etc. The submarginal line is slightly marked with red between the veins.