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delias pieridae

The reference website about Delias butterflies

On this website, you will find up-to-date information about the Delias butterflies of the world. The butterflies which make up the Pierine Genus Delias are to be found in Central and Southern China, Tibet, Taiwan, India eastwards to the Solomon Islands and Australia, although the 'hotbed' is the Island of New Guinea (West Papua & Papua New Guinea). 

These butterflies frequent grass country and open woodland. They generally occur from 2500 to 8000 feet, and very occasionally to 10000 feet. Because of this habit of only living in mountainous areas, where populations are isolated, many distinct subspecies have been found, unique to a single mountain range.

Those species which have the widest range are those which can be found at lower altitudes.


All Delias species represented

You will find in our Delias Species page, a dedicated page for each described Delias species. There are 247 described Delias species, so it is a huge work. For each species, you will find some picture plates with the underside and the upperside of the Delias in order to identify it. You will also find useful notes about the Delias species, its subspecies, its range, its descriptor. When available we will also publish some live pictures and early-stage pictures. 


List of Delias species per country

You will also find a distribution map of all Delias species and a list of Delias species per country. For your next trip to Thailand, Indonesia or Papua New Guinea, have a look to our Delias list per country to prepare your trip. 


A bibliography about Delias butterflies

There have been few major books published about the Delias butterflies. We will display here a page with all the interesting books about our favorite butterfly genus. From the Talbot Monography to recent publications from Yagishita. 


If you can improve this website by sending some missing live pictures, early-stage pictures or spread specimens, please send us an email : opequin@ymail.com