Delias ninus  Wallace 1867 green.png


Delias ninus ninus male

Telegraph Loop, c1200m, Fraser’s Hill, Pahang State, Malaysia, 11 August 2012

Picture by Sunny Chir 

Subspecies and range of Delias ninus :

. ninus Wallace 1867 - Malay peninsular (including South part of Peninsular Thailand)

         . homonym thysbe Cramer 1779

parthenia Staudinger 1892 - N. Borneo

alluviorum Fruhstorfer 1905 - W. Sumatra

shoujii Yagishita 1993 - Mt. Bawang, W. Kalimantan

. saranensis Yagishita 1993 - Mt. Saran, W. Kalimantan

babai Yagishita 1997 - Tenasserim, Burma


delias ninus


Notes on Delias ninus :

A common mountain species in the Malay Peninsular and Borneo, but rarer on Sumatra. It flies above 3000 feet. The discovery of the Burman subspecies is rather recent.