Delias rosamontana  Roepke 1955 



Delias rosamontana rosamontana male
Pass Valley
5 July 2016
Picture by Hiro Takenouchi

Subspecies and range of Delias rosamontana :

. rosamontana Roepke 1955 - Snow Mtns, Papua

osadai Yagishita 1993 - Ilu, Central Mts., Papua

tanakaorum Morita 1996 - Magoda, Weyland Mtns, Papua

timur van Mastrigt 2003 - Korupun, Papua




Notes on Delias rosamontana :

Very similar in pattern to Delias leucias, this species is to be distinguished by the the shape of the red markings on the sub-anal patch, which is longer and thinner in D.rosamontana.

Some ssp are also pinker than leucias but be careful, it is not the case of all ssp.