Delias messalina   Arora 1983 red.png

Subspecies and range of Delias messalina :

messalina Arora 1983 - Bougainville island, PNG

orientalis Arora 1983 - Guadalcanal, Santa Isabel, Solomon islands

vigasa Parsons 1989 - Eastern New Britain, PNG

            synonym naokomoritae Morita 1995

lizzae Muller 1995 - Hans Meyer Range, New Ireland, PNG

gerrittsi Muller, Jakusch & Wills 2008 Schleinitz Mtns, New Ireland




Notes on Delias messalina :


A wonderful and rare species. Long time thought to be close to Delias nigrina, it is now placed in the weiskei group. It is extremely rare in collections because it lives in remote and rather dangerous islands. 

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