Delias ligata  Jordan 1904 green.png

Delias ligata interpolata male
Baliem Valley, July 2016
Picture by Hiro Takenouchi

Subspecies and range of Delias ligata :

. ligata Jordan 1904 - Central Highlands, Papua New Guinea

weylandensis Joicey & Talbot 1922 - Weyland Mts, Papua

dealbata Talbot 1928 - Arfak Mountains, Papua

interpolata Roepke 1955 - Mt Sigi, Baliem & Pass Valley, Papua




Notes on Delias ligata :

This species occurs with Delias kummeri, though it is also found in the Weyland Mountains, where kummeri is absent. The only real difference in the pattern is in the red/black submarginal line on the underside of the hind wing which is continuous in this species, but broken in kummeri. Structural differences also occur  with the valve and scent-scale.
This is by far the commoner of the species.