Delias kummeri  Ribbe 1900 green.png

Delias kummeri similis male
Arfak Mounts, July 2016
Picture by Gigi Lai

Subspecies and range of Delias kummeri : 

. kummeri Ribbe 1900 - Aroa river, PNG

               synonym highlandensis Yagishita 1993 

similis Talbot 1928 - Arfak Mts, Papua

fumosa Roepke 1955 - Araucaria River, Papua

rouffaer Yagishita 1993 - Central Mts, Papua

chiekoae Nakano 1995 - Mapia, Weyland Mts, Papua

athena Yagishita 2003 - Fakfak, Papua



Notes on Delias kummeri :

Distinguished from the other members of the group by not having the red submarginal line extending over the white area of the underside hindwing.