Delias fojaensis  van Mastrigt 2006 black.png

Subspecies and range of Delias fojaensis :

No subspecies

fojaensis - Foja Mounts, Papua




Notes on Delias fojaensis :

Very closely related to Delias kummeri, but can easily be recognised by the absence of a red spot on the anal area on the underside hind wing, which is always present in kummeri and its related species, ligata and isocharis. The discovery of this species leads me to suggest that we may find new species similar to ligata and isocharis, but again without the red anal area.

Original description : Futao, Issue No. 51, 17 April 2006, pp14 -

Male : Fore wing upperside white with black costa connected with black border, with inner edge slightly curved from thin black dc-bar to apex. Hind wing upperside translucent white, pattern of underside partly visible from above, with a small black border (<1.0mm) from vein M¹ to tornus. Fore wing underside white with black costa and black border of same size as upperside, bearing and apical streak divided by three black vein parts. Hind wing underside from middle of costa to base, along anal area and at border in cells CuA² and partly CuA¹ black, including a small red spot at costa, a red streak in base and a black subtornal line in 1A+2A and CuA² divided by black vein parts and accompanied by a variable white line. No red spot in anal area. Median part to terminal border white, with a very small black border from red spot at costa to black part in CuA¹.

Female: Unknown to science !