Delias durai  van Mastrigt 2006 black.png

Subspecies and range of Delias durai :

No subspecies

. durai - Foja Mounts, Papua




Notes on Delias durai :

A lovely new addition to the weiskei group, showing some characters similar to D. phippsi, D. akrikensis and the dark female form of D. hapalina.

Extremely rare in collection ! 

Original Description : Futao, Issue No. 51, 17 April 2006, pp12 - Male: Fore wing upperside white with black costa and black border with slightly curved inner edge from costa (about 18mm from base) to tornus. Hind wing upperside translucent white, pattern of underside partly visible from above, with a small black border from vein M¹ to tornus, with some grey diffusion at inner edge. Fore wing underside white with black costa and black border of same size as upperside, bearing two yellow subapical spots. Hind wing underside mainly black, with a yellow elongate spot in the basal area, and a oval, white and yellow discal spot consisting of parts of discal cell,M¹,M² and M3; a red curved line from middle of costa to tornus, not reaching the border, which is wider in Rs and M¹, cutting of two small white parts of cells, separated by black vein part.

Female: Unknown.