Delias cumanau  van Mastrigt 2006 black.png

Subspecies and range of Delias cumanau :

No subspecies

cumanau - Foja Mounts, Papua

         form kwerbae van Mastrigt 2006




Notes on Delias cumanau : 

A very distinctive new species, which probably shows most affinity to D. campbelli. Although only 7 specimens were found, they included one form : form kwerbae. Of course, extremely rare in collection!

Original description : Futao, Issue No. 51, 17 April 2006, pp 13 - Male: Fore wing upperside white with black costa and black to grey border with more or less straight inner edge from costa (just outside discal cell) to terman at CuA², where followed very thin (5,M¹,M² black. Hind wing upperside white, with black border from M¹ to tornus. In base, along anal area and at inner edge of black border blue grey diffusion. Fore wing underside with slightly broader black border than on upperside, touching a thin black dc-bar and bearing three yellow subapical spots. Hind wing underside mainly black, with a white streak in the basal area, and a white spot in the terminal parts of cells Rs,M¹ and partly M², separated by black veins. From M² to apex a curved grey line with some reddish at inner side. Between small postmedian greyish white spot in M¹ and M² grey green anal area and a triangular spot with pink brown diffusion.

In the form kwerbae on hind wing underside grey line from M² to apex is absent.

Female : Unknown to science !