Delias dice  Snellen van Vollenhoven 1863 green.png

Subspecies and range of Delias dice :

. dice Snellen van Vollenhoven 1863 - Central Papua

         f.nigroapicalis Roepke 1955

fulvoflava Rothschild 1915 - Snow Mtns, Papua

samarai Joicey & Talbot - S.W.Papua New Guinea

mitisana Strand 1916 - Vogelkop, Papua & Waigeu island

        (homonym) dorothea Mitis 1893

                  f.leucana Strand 1916

                  f.latoclavata Van Eecke 1924

                  ab.pictula Strand 1916

latimarginata Joicey & Talbot 1925 - Weyland Mtns, Papua

rectifascia Talbot 1928 - Rossel island

burki Pequin 2020 - Yapen island


delias dice


Notes on Delias dice : 

There is much confusion between this species and D. enniana.

Male: Upperside white. Fore wing with diffuse inner edge of the black marginal border , its edge but slightly produced at vein 4. Two small white  subapical spots. Hind wing with narrow black marginal border becoming more narrow from vein 4 to the costa.

Underside of fore wing much as in D. enniana, the postcellular white bar variable in width. Submarginal spots small, the two anterior ones yellow, more distinct than in D. d. mitisana. Base of cell strongly washed with yellow. Hind wing darker yellow than in enniana, distally between vein 4 and the costa some slight white suffusion never extended as in enniana. Grey-black marginal border with five yellow submarginal spots.

Female: Upperside resembles D. enniana, but the postcellular white bar narrower, isolated and extending only to vein 5, the white proximal area reaching vein 4. Two yellowish subapical spots, usually indistinct. Hind wing tinged creamy-white. A black marginal border usually over 4mm wide.

Underside of fore wing similar to upperside, the submarginal spots more distinct, the anterior three spots being orange and more strongly marked than the others. The cell is washed with yellow for the greater part. Hind wing yellow as in the male, and with wider grey-black border of variable width, sometimes reaching 8mm., border not quite reaching the cell, its edge straight and sharply-defined . Proximal area deep yellow, the veins white, and some white suffusion in the bases of cellules 5 and 6. Six submarginal orange spots prominent, the anterior one rounded and not larger than some of the others.

Delias dice burki Pequin 2020 has been recently described from Yapen island.