Delias laknekei  Miller, Simon, Wills 2007 black.png

Subspecies and range of Delias laknekei :

No subspecies

laknekei - New Ireland, Papua New Guinea




Notes on Delias laknekei :

A recently described species. It lives in remote areas of New Ireland island in PNG. Extremely rare in collection.

The female has been described by Olivier Pequin in 2022 : see article.


Sources :

- Miller, L.D., Simon, M.J., Wills, L., 2007. A new species of Delias (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) from New Ireland island, Bismarck islands, Papua New Guinea. Bulletin of the Allyn Museum 144: 1-5

- Pequin, O., 2022. Description of the female of Delias laknekei. Suara Serangga Papua (SUGAPA digital) 14(2): 76-78