Delias candida  Snellen van Vollenhoven 1865 green.png

Subspecies and range of Delias candida :

. candida Snellen van Vollenhoven 1865Bachan, Kasiruta, Mandioli, Obi islands, Indonesia

            synonym teuthrania Fruhstorfer 1913

herodias van Vollenhoven 1865 - Halmahera, Indonesia

morotaiensis Morita 1993 - Morotai island, Indonesia




Notes on Delias candida :

This species is confined to the North Moluccas and is generally reasonably common.

It can be distinguished by the large submarginal white spots on the underside of the forewing (cream in the female). The underside of the hindwing differs markedly between the sexes. The male is predominantly white and yellow with orange submarginal spots, whilst the female is black with a dusting of yellow and the same orange spots.