Delias flavistriga  Roepke 1955 green.png

Delias flavistriga flavistriga male
Pass Valley, West Papua, 4 July 2016
Picture by Hiro Takenouchi


Subspecies and range of Delias flavistriga :

flavistriga Roepke 1955 - Ibele river, Papua

shounan Yagishita 1993 - Ilu, Central Mts, Papua

ilagaensis van Mastrigt 1989 - Ilaga, Central Mtns, Papua




Notes on Delias flavistriga :

Typical of the majority in this group, it can be distinguished by the presence of a yellow streak along the anal margin (also found in D.arabuana) combined with a V-shaped red marking within the cell of the hindwing unlike arabuana.


identification key flavistriga.png