Delias sambawana   Rothschild 1894 green.png

Delias sambawana boejanana
Tabanan, 1300m, Bali
Picture by Yi-Kai Tea

Subspecies and range of Delias sambawana :

. sambawana  Rothschild 1894 - Sumbawa, Indonesia

minerva Fruhstorfer 1896 - Lombok

everetti Rothschild 1925 - Flores

boejanana Kalis 1941 - Bali

kenta Nakano 1991 - Alor




Notes on Delias sambawana :

This is a larger species than both Delias periboea and Delias fasciata, to which it bears a superficial resemblance. It is thought to be a very old branch of the periboea stock. The absence of any red discal spot would indicate that it is a precursor of Delias caeneus, periboea and mysis.