Delias lara  Boisduval 1836 green.png

Delias lara lara BOISDUVAL, 1836, male.
Sentani (Jayapura, Papua), October 29, 2011. Photo : S. G. Sinnema (Papua Insects Foundation)

Subspecies and range of Delias lara :

lara Boisduval 1836 - Waigeu, NG, Mysol, Milne Bay, Numfor, Yule

             (Synonym intermediata, oisyme, cruentata, onca, maforensis, adelphoe)

hideyoae Nakano 1995 - Yapen island, Papua

goodenovii Rothschild 1915 - Goodenough islands

rosselliana Rothschild 1915 - Rossell island

. maga Grose-Smith 1897 - Sud-Est island



Notes on Delias lara :

Very close from Delias mysisDelias lara was recognised as a separate species by Chris Davenport & Henk van Mastrigt in SUGAPA volume 3(2), October-December 2008.

In Delias lara, the subapical spots on upperside of forewing are white, quite poor developed and even sometimes absent; the subapical spots on the underside of forewing are yellow and somewhat larger.