Delias kazueae  Kitahara 1986 yellow.png


Delias kazueae live picture
Delias kazueae female
 Tatendeng village area, Buko Sub-district
Peleng island
27 February 2022
Copyright : Alpian Maleso

Subspecies and range of Delias kazueae :

No subspecies

kazueae - Taliabu & Peleng islands (Indonesia)




Notes on Delias kazueae : 

A recently discovered species about which very little is known. It comes from the very small island of Taliabu. Rather rare in collections, especially females. 

In February 2022, a female Delias kazueae has been pictured on Peleng island by the naturalist photographer Alpian Maleso. This discovery enlarges the distribution of this species, which may be also present on Banggai island.