Delias mira Rothschild & Jordan 1904 green.png

Subspecies and range of Delias mira : 

. mira Rothschild & Jordan 1904 - Owen Stanley Range, Papua New Guinea 

. reversa Rothschild 1925 - Rawlinson Mts, PNG

. excelsa Jordan 1930 - Herzog Mtns, Wau, Papua NG

. roepkei Sanford & Bennett 1955 - Central Highlands (Kerowagi, Mt Hagen), PNG

. cieko Arima 1996 - Baliem & Pass Valley, Papua



Notes on Delias mira

The most common subspecies listed in collections is Delias mira roepkei from Kerowagi often misenditified as Delias mira excelsa.

Real Delias mira excelsamira mira and mira reversa are very rare in collection

The separation of roepkei as a true species was an error, due to localities errors. Ssp roepkei and excelsa do not share the same localities. 

Delias mira cieko, but also the other ssp, can vary in different forms, see above.
Forms A and C are rare in collection.