Delias autumnalis Roepke 1955 green.png

Subspecies of Delias autumnalis :

. autumnalis Roepke 1955 - E. Wamena, Papua green.png

. hiberna van Mastrigt 2000 - Sinak/Mulia in the Snow Mountains, Papua green.png

. michiae Nakano 1994 - Pass Valley, Papua red.png



Notes on Delias autumnalis :

For a long time this species was thought to be a subspecies of Delias mira. Mastrigt elevated this to full specific status in his recent work, primarily on the basis that autumnalis has the veins on the underside of the hindwing predominantly white, a characteristic not seen in the other species. This had been previously suggested as a possibility by Roepke (1955), Tuzov (1995) and Parsons (1998) and others.
As previously stated, a full study of the genitalia would be useful in determining the true status of all the members of the sub-group.