Delias subnubila   Leech 1893 green.png


Delias subnubila subnubila male

Sichuan (China).

Picture : Tony Hoare

Subspecies and range of Delias subnubila :

. subnubila Leech,1893 - N Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu, W. China

. conspicua ? Mell., 1939 - S Yunnan, Fujian, Jiangzi, SE Tibet  (status uncertain)



Notes on Delias subnubila : 

Similar to Delias wilemani, but lacking a large yellow patch in cellule 2, on the hindwing recto.

According to Chris Davenport, "many authors have treated conspicua as a synonym of subnubila which is variable on a geographic cline – light forms in the north, the TL of subnubila, figs 1-2&10 and darker forms in the south east that may represent conspicua".

Group belladonna species :