Delias oraia  Doherty 1891 green.png

Delias oraia bratana (female)
Tabanan, Bali
21 December 2022
Picture by Yi-Kai Tea

Subspecies and range of Delias oraia :

. oraia Doherty 1891 - Sumbawa, Lombok

          synonym vasumitra Fruhstorfer 1910

. lydia Fruhstorfer 1897 - Flores

adonarensis Rothschild 1925 - Adonara, Alor

bratana Kalis 1941 - Bali

           synonym trig D'Abrera 1982

solorensis Yagishita & Nakano 1993 - Solor




Notes on Delias oraia :

Very similar to Delias descombesi, but with much brighter orange colouration on the underside of the male hind wing. The female underside is considerably stronger marked than descombesi.

This species is common.