Delias aruna   Boisduval 1832 green.png


Delias aruna female
Wamena, Baliem Valley, West Papua
Picture by Pingchung Lee

Subspecies and range of Delias aruna :

. aruna Boisduval 1832 - Papua New Guinea, North of the Sepik River

           form rona Rothschild 1898 - Roon Island (in Cenderawasih Bay)

. irma Fruhstorfer 1907 - South Papua New Guinea, SE West Papua, Yule, Fergusson and Roma islands

seriata Fruhstorfer 1907 - Bachan, Obi, Halmahera, Kasiruta and Gebi islands

inferna Butler 1913 - Cape York, Queensland, Australia

arovana Fruhstorfer 1913 Rossel and Sud-Est islands

          . rana ??? (location error ?) Swinhoe 1916 - Ambon Island ?

sarera Yagishita 1994 - Manawi, Yapen Island




Notes on Delias aruna : 

This species has a very large range from the Moluccas to Australia, and is subject to much variation. It is possible that the current understanding of the subspecies could, in time, be amended as some subspecies differ hardly at all from others.

The pupa of this species is known.